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Strategies That Create Results

What We Can Do for You

At MBJ Consulting, we offer consulting and training courses to companies. All training materials are supplied by a professional trainer. For the complete list of topics that we cover, please read the information below. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us.

Note: All training participants will receive a certificate of completion. 

Time Management

Let Dr. Johnson show you how to maximize your time and get the most out of each work day. She will show you how to develop your prioritizing, scheduling, and goal-setting tasks.

Stress Management 

Learn powerful strategies for managing stress to bring your life back into balance.

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Customer Service 

Any company’s reputation goes far beyond the products that they manufacture. How customers are treated ultimately plays a huge part in their overall opinion of any company. When your company has good customer service, you not only have a competitive advantage, you keep customers coming back. Let us show you what it means to provide stellar customer service!

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Seven Habits of Highly Effective People 

It is a fact that people who constantly self-actualize and push themselves to reach their full potential act a certain way. We can help you develop the necessary skills and habits that would enable you to do the same thing.

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Teamwork and Workplace Ethics 

When your employees work well together and you conduct business in an ethical manner, operations flow smoother with less legal glitches. Find out more about the necessary practices to uphold these with this training course.

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Dealing With Difficult People (Conflict Resolution) 

Most people who approach you are not disgruntled because of you. However, when you are the focal point, they can end up taking things out on you. Learn how to deal with these people while simultaneously making your business grow with help from MBJ Consulting.

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Public Communication 

Making public speeches is an art. Let MBJ Consulting show you how it’s done when you join this training course.

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Interpersonal Skills 

Learn how to better communicate your wants, feelings, and thoughts with this training course. We can help you and your employees interact in a more effective manner.

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Supervisory Fundamentals 

Are you a manager who is currently starting out? We can help you develop the basic skills that are essential to ensuring the productivity of your workforce.

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Organizational Skills 

Even if your staff is motivated and has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, there are other things that can cause them stress. If neglected, this can create other problems. At MBJ Consulting, we can show you how to keep them focused on work without getting burned out.

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Classroom Management Skills 

Did you know that most students are not taught to sit properly on a chair or even walk in a line? Let us show you what sets the mood in the classroom with this training course.

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Motivation Techniques 

Yes, giving your employees opportunities to reach success would motivate them. However, these are not restricted to professional work. Doing little things like offering gym memberships or giving them inspiration can also help a lot. Find out more about encouraging your employees with help from MBJ Consulting.

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Training: Your Design and Ideas 

Is there something you want your staff to know that isn’t mentioned on this page? Simply let us know what topic you want us to cover so we can do the necessary research. We are happy to organize a customized training course to fit your needs!

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